The Parrot CK3100 is the best selling in car handsfree device.

This universal unit integrates with your existing stereo system so that you can hear callers through the vehicles speakers. It is an extremely easy to use device with crystal clear sound quality and includes such features as call display and phonebook transfer.
Bluetooth handsfree devices are essential equipment to keep you safe and legal while using your cell phone in the car.
There are several ways you can add Bluetooth hands free to your car...
Replace your existing car stereo with a new
CD player with Bluetooth built in.
Get better sound quality and the convenience of a USB and AUX input right on the face of the unit,and you can even stream your music wirelessly from your phone via the Bluetooth connection!!
Add Bluetooth to your existing car stereo
Installation Extra
Installation Extra
Installation Extra
*Starting price for most vehicles
The Rostra Converse Bluetooth system offers both vehicle-specific and universal solutions to fit most vehicles. You'll hear the caller over the vehicles speakers, and a simple 3 button switch works in conjunction with your phones voice activated dialing feature to offer you a convenient and simple handsfree calling experience.
A simple clip-on device that requires no installation.
The BlueSky BSKY1001B is a rearview mirror with integrated Bluetooth technology that simply clips on over your existing rearview mirror. It features a rechargeable battery, call display, built in speaker and microphone and even includes a seperate in-ear Bluetooth device for private conversations. Don't forget to try out the Voice-To-Go feature that actually reads your text messages and emails to you!